Cleanse Your Space

It’s the beginning of 2018. It’s the perfect time to organize and detox your space. It’s important to reenergize your space on a regular basis in order to release the past or any negativity that has collected. It takes cleaning your home a step further by consciously bringing positive energy into your home.

Burning sage is an easy way to cleanse your home of negative energy, the past, or even just a bad week. It also can help remove energy from toxic people you want to release from your life or can help you change your bad habits. I cleanse my space about four times a year. I find it to be very therapeutic and reenergizing. Try this simple cleanse in the beginning of this year. Start 2018 fresh!

2018 New Beginnings

Step #1 – Buy a Bundle of Sage

Burning sage has been known throughout history to ward off evil spirits. It has a very soothing, calming effect when burned. You can easily buy a bundle of sage online.

Step #2 – Create an Intention

The ritual can be as simple or complex as you choose. It can be a length process or quick and efficient. The most important thing is keeping your intention in mind throughout the cleanse. I take a few minutes to think about my intention and then I write it down. My last intention was – Please release any energy that does not serve me and invite all the positive energy that will bring happiness and prosperity to me in 2018. I say it out loud as I walk through my space.

Step #3 – Light the Sage and Begin Cleanse

Once received, light the sage and then blow out the fire. This will create the smoke needed for cleansing purposes.

Step #4 – Walk Through Your Space with Intention

Wave the bundle in clockwise circle while walking through your home. The clockwise circles are meant to be inviting and positive. While you walk through your space, wave the sage all around each room, window, and door. Focus on positive, peaceful energy that you want to invite into your home.

Once completed, begin moving the sage in a counterclockwise motion to push away negative energy. Walk around your house again with this in mind and release any bad energy in your space. It is very important to focus especially on the doorways and windows during this exercise. Energy enters through doorways and windows.

Step #5 – Closing

To bring closure to your sage burning ritual, say a prayer or repeat your intention. Then wet the sage to stop it from burning anymore and lay it out to dry. The sage bundle can be used a few times.

Step #6 – Introduce Healing Crystals into Your Space

Healing crystals are another really great way to enhance your intentions for 2018. I have two rose quartz crystals in my home which represents clarity, trust, and love. I also have citrine crystals in my home to promote my personal power, creativity, and abundance. Having crystals in your home will also heighten the effects of the sage.