Body Image Group

Originally Written: August 1, 2006, Day 1 in Treatment #2

I went to “Body Image” at 5 pm. The therapist began the group with the question, “Who here has a hard time expressing their feelings?” Everyone in the group raised their hand. It was actually comforting to know that I am not alone. I definitely don’t know how to express my feelings. When are we going to figure this bucket of shit out?

Then we were asked to think about what would be different in life if body image was not a factor. Geeze…so much would be different in life. The conversation was very open and honest. We realized that life becomes more fulfilling without body image. We, as a group, put together this list:

  • People would worry about things that actually mattered
  • There wouldn’t be so much pressure to be thin causing eating disorders
  • People wouldn’t idolize thinness
  • Diets wouldn’t exist
  • The world would be more relaxed
  • People could focus on things that matter (family, friends, and love)
  • People could feel good about what’s inside
  • Less anxiety collectively
  • Feeling free
  • We would enjoy life so much more

Thoughts reading this in 2017: It’s impossible to completely eliminate body image in our society. However, we, collectively, can change the importance put on body image. We avoid dealing with the real issues and problems in society when we put our focus on body image. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Not the other way around.