Relapse Prevention Tips

Eating Disorder Relapse Prevention Tips:

  1. Identify what your triggers are and write them down.
  2. Share your trigger list with close friends and family to help them support your recovery.
  3. Rebuild trust with family and friends by being aware of their worries. For example, I brought someone to the bathroom with me after meals until trust was rebuilt.
  4. Create a support team including family, friends, and professionals.
  5. Find motivation within yourself. Motivation changes by the day and by the hour. Be aware of that.
  6. Have confidence in yourself and your recovery. As you develop skills and have successes, confidence will build.
  7. Journal daily initially and then trust yourself to journal as needed.
  8. Change comes over time. Take time to nurture yourself.
  9. Share your feelings with others.
  10. Be honest about food and eating especially when you are struggling.
  11. Enjoy life.
  12. Separate food from feelings.
  13. See a nutritionist weekly and write food journals daily until you are ready to graduate from them.
  14. See a therapist weekly or monthly.
  15. Associations are very powerful. Reframe people, places, things, and triggers to change associations.
  16. Be forgiving if you do have a relapse. Get right back on the horse.